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Product Number: KW-MPP-01 Fluid end system can be called valve box, is the main parts for drilling end pump system.

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KINGWELL Fluid Ends Modules Features & Benefits:
KINGWELL supply high quality fluid ends modules and accessories. The module is manufactured from Premium heat-treated 4130, 4135, 4140 forgings and internally hardened with superior mechanical characters and high durability
1.The Original L-Shaped Fluid-End

2.Our modules are fully exchangeable with all major brand modules and can be designed for a wide pressure application from 5000 psi to 10000 psi.
1. 100% interchangeable with OEM
2. Made on CNC boring mills
3. Strict computer controlled heat treatment procedures
4. Strict inspection or TPI
5.Rated for all drilling operations up to 7500psi
KINGWELL Fluid Ends Modules Technical Data:
Brand Type
emsco F-350 F-500 F-650 F-800 F-1000 FA-1300 FB-1300
FA-1600 FB-1600          
gardener denver PZ-7 PZ-8 PZ-9 PZ-10 PZ-11    
national 7-P-50 8-P-80 9-P-100 10-P-130 12-P-160 14-P-220  
ideco T-800 T-1000 T-1300 T-1600      
oilwell A-350 A-560 A-650 A-850 A-1100 A-1400 A-1700
china 3NB-350 3NB-500 3NB-800 3NB-1000 3NB-1300 3NB-1600 3NB-2200
bomco F1600HL F2000HL          

W2200mud pump 
"MODULE-DISCHARGE,C/W Studs, Working Pressure: 7500 PSI,
W2200SW PART # 9L-D164720"
"MODULE-SUCTION ,C/W Studs, Working Pressure: 7500 PSI,
W2200SW PART # 9L-D164721"

14P220 "MODULE-DISCHARGE,C/W Studs, Working Pressure: 7500 PSI,
              "MODULE-SUCTION ,C/W Studs, Working Pressure: 7500 PSI,

12p160 MODULE-DISCHARGE,C/W Studs, Working Pressure: 7500 PSI,   USA
              "MODULE-SUCTION ,C/W Studs, Working Pressure: 7500 PSI,

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