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KINGWELL Raiseboring drill pipes

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KINGWELL Raiseboring drill pipes
One Specialized Raiseboring Tool
KINGWELL raiseboring drill pipe are designed and manufactured with an emphasis on durability, weight reduction, and serviceability, which is to be compatible with all of the raise drills operating around the world.
The threaded connections on the rods are cut to exacting standards and verified using precision gauges prior to leaving the factory.
The raiseboring drill pipe are also designed with features that contribute to long life and serviceability. Each connection is treated in a kemplating process that coats the threads with protection against galling. Anti-galling protection assists in the retention of thread lubricant and the prevention of metal to metal contact. With proper care and maintenance, the threaded connections are designed to provide years of trouble-free service.

l Standard strength & High strength material offering
l Shot peening threads and wrench flats
l  KINGWELL supplies the entire raiseboring offering
Widely used for raise drills operating around the world
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