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Decanter Centrifuge

Product Number: KW-SC-06

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KINGWELL Decanter Centrifuge Features & Benefits:
Decanter Centrifuge is also called Decanting Centrifuge, it’s an necessary equipment in the Drilling Waste Management. Decanter centrifuge is the fourth phase solids control equipments. It is used in separating suspension of solids phase with particle ≥2μm in diameter for drilling mud and fluids handling. According to different speed, we have middle speed decanter centrifuges, high speed decanter centrifuges and high speed variable frequency decanter centrifuge.
1. Drum and screw are made of high quality 304 or 316L lead centrifuge a long usable life
2. Bearings are world famous FAG or SKF ensure user high quality and high performance
3. Electric components will be SIEMENS and Schneider brand
KINGWELL Decanter Centrifuge Technical Data:
Model  KWDC450S KWDC450L KWDC355 KWDC600
Bowl Diameter mm/in 450/17.7 450/17.7 355/14 600/23.6
Bowl Length mm/in 842/33.1  1000/39.4  1257/49.5  1000/39.4
Max Capacity m3/h/GPM 40/176 40/176 30/132 60/264
Working Speed(Fixed)  RPM 1800/2200 1800/2200 2000/2200/3000 1500
Bowl speed(Fixed) 3300 3600 3900 2600
Bowl Speed(VFD)  RPM 0-3300  0-3600 0-3900 0-2600
G-Force 820/1215 820/1215 794/960/2160 755
Separation point µm ≥5 ≥5 ≥3 ≥5
Main Drive Kw/HP 22/30 30/40 22/30/30/40 45/60
Back Drive Kw/HP 5.5/7.5 7.5/10 5.5/7.5/7.5/10 7.5/10
Remarks For fixed speed centrifuge, KINGWELL have other speed available for your option by using different pulley.
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