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Product Number: KW-MPP-04 KINGWELL offer a full range of valves and seats which include full open valve and seat, 3 web / 4 web design valve and seat.

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KINGWELL Valve and Seat Features & Benefits:
KINGWELL mainly produced full open style, 3 web, 4 web type valve & seats. 
Common Performance:

1. Valve and seat are made of one-piece premium forged alloy steel. The rubber is polyurethane or synthetic rubber.
2. Super throughout, high strength, and the surface hardness is up to HRC58
3. KINGWELL valve assembly fit all major mud pumps and accommodate for all types of drilling conditions

Full Open Valve Features:
1. Deep carburized wear surface
2. Creat fluid flow
3. Maintenance and seat pulling become easier

3 web, 4 web Type Valve & Seats Features:

1. Suitable for worst service condition
2. Easy replacement to insert
3. Longer service life

1. Features of Kingwell Mud pump valve seat:

1). Standard: API Standard
2). Material: 20CrMnTi
3). Manufacturing Process: Forging
4). Insert Material: Polyurethane
5). Depth of Carburized Layer: 1.80~2.22mm
6). Hardness: HRC59~65

Triplex Mud Pump F 1600 F1300 F2200 Spare Parts Valve Detail:

Introduction of Kingwell mud pump valve seat:

we are a factory engaged in producing the mud pump and its spare parts, product quality assurance, the price is the factory wholesale, can according to your drawings requirements to production.

3. Parameters:

1. product name

casting valve parts

2. Material

Allkinds of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel

3. Process

Precision casting,lost wax casting,investment casting, The shell mould casting

4. Certificate


5. Professionalskills

According to various drawings for production

6.Machining Tolerance


7.CNC machining equipments

Boring machine, line cutter, CNC lathe, CNC machining center, Grinding machinedrilling machine,N/A lathe, N/C lathe andall types of lathe

8.Surface finish process

Surface rust prevention treatment, phosphating, Galvanized, chroming, baking, coating,


Highquality, can meet your requirements


All kinds of valves parts and auto parts, asper customers' requirement


Investment casting ,Die casting,CNCmachining, forging,Water glass


Good quality and strict delivery time.

4. Why you choose Kingwell as your pump supplier:

1). Technical Support and ProductionAbility: Although we are one relatively new company, but we have the most professional engineers with tens of years experience in mud pump. And we have hundreds of highly skilled workers working on the pump parts and pump assembling with numerous advanced machines. Our production ability has been siteaudited by supervising inspectorate like France BV (Bureau Veritas), DNV(Det Norske Veritas) and SGS-CSTC(Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd.)

2). Quality Assurance: Ten professional inspectors performstrict quality inspection from the initial forgings, castings, other rawmaterials, each finished machined parts until the final assembling of the pump. Each part assembled on the pump will be well tested and highly qualified. And for each pump finished, it will be running tested in our test center for at least 4 hours. Quality certificate, Inspection report and testing report will be attached when pump is delivered. 12 Months quality guarantee will be offered for each pump.

3). Competitive Price: We are one of the top pump manufacturers in China. We have the greatest advantages in price. We can not offer you the lowest price in China, but most competitive price but with very good quality.

4). Quick Delivery: Usually we will keep some pump model in stock so that we can make fast delivery for clients with urgent need. For pump we do not have in stock, we can also deliver with 40 days.

5). We can offer unitized pump package according to your different needs.

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