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KINGWELL Coiled Tubing BOP Features & Benefits:

Coiled Tubing BOP used recurrently tubing try sand washing, wash well, test oil, gas lift well flowing, drainage, stuck, drilling and grinding, staged fracturing, drag the calculate words, cable operation, gas well completion, salvage fall, drilling and other operations. Coiled Tubing BOP is one of the important safety devices to prevent blowout.

KINGWELL Coiled Tubing BOP Techincal Data:

5 1/8"-10000Psi Quad Ram BOP
Rated Working Pressure 70 MPa (10,000 psi)
Bore Size 130.2mm (5 1/8")
Hydraulic open & close pressure 21 MPa (3,000 Psi)
Temperature Rating T-20 (-29℃ To 121℃)
Oil volume for opening one set of ram assembly 5.1 L(1.35 gal)
Oil volume for closing one set of ram assembly 5.2 L(1.37 gal)
Top Connection 5 1/8"- 10,000Psi 6BX BX169 flange
Bottom Connection 5 1/8"- 10,000Psi 6BX BX169 flange
Body Side Outlet 2 1/16"-10,000Psi 6BX BX152
Studded with blind flange
Hanging load capacity of slip rams 20 t
Specification of Rams C.S.O, SBR, 2 3/8"Slip Ram, 2 3/8"Pipe Ram
Working Medium Oil, Natural Gas With H2S, Drilling fluid
Overall Dimension 2458 mm × 402 mm × 1476 mm
Approx Weight 2731 kg (6021 lb)

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