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Cross Coupling Cable Protector

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This type of Cable Protector can safely and efficiently  virtually any size of ESP cables, control lines, chemical injection lines, umbilicals and encapsulated bundles on the tubings in the well-bores.
-KW cable protectors have double protection to resist corrosion
-All hinges are spot-welded to enhance the overall integrity of the product
-Spring friction pad gripping system for superior grip
-Slip and rotation resistant
-Non-destructive gripping action
-Designed to eliminate compression-reduced damages to the conductors
-Manufactured of low carbon steel or stainless steel
-Available as cross-coupling and mid-joint protectors
-Suitable for API tubing sizes from 2 3/8" to 7"
-Configured for flat, round or square cables, chemical injection lines, umbilicals etc.
-Multichannel designis available to separate multiple lines
-Customized upon request

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