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Hydraulic Thruster is the downhole accelerator tool that powered by the
mud that consistently pushed internal pistons and create drill string
pressure difference, which in order to improve the drill speed performance
and reduce downhole vibration. KW Hydraulic Thruster has the benefit that
no need extra power or energy support but keeps pushing drill forwarding by
circulated mud flow. In addition, KW Hydraulic Thruster provides more
functions like shock absorbing and auto-drilling to reduce the drill
vibrations and ease drilling works. The design aims to improve drill bits
and downhole tools working conditions and expedite drilling speed.
Features & Benefits
Accelerate drilling speed
 Absorbing shocks and reduce downhole vibrations
 Protect drill bit and downhole tools
 Avoid drilling pressure lost
 Accurate directional drilling performance.
 Full range of sizes
 No extra energy needed to keep bit drilling ahead.
 Supply constant weight on bit.
 Recommended BHP available to achieve optimistic performance.


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