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KINGWELL Storm Vavle Features & Benefits:

Storm Vavle (Subsurface Control Valve) :

The strom vavle (SSC) is a combination valve and backoff joint used to close in a well being drilled without the drillpipe being pulled. This capability is especially useful in offshore operations when storms are expected or when surface equipmentmust be repaired. The valve helps eliminate the hazard of leaving pipe standing in the derrick during a stormand saves time.
Usually a hookwall packer, such as the RTTS® packer, is used with the SSC valve to support the drillpipe weight. The packer seals inside the casing (surface pipe or intermediate casing string), and the SSC valve seals the drillpipe ID. Because the SSC valve includes a backoff connection, the drillpipe above it can be removed and reconnected when operations resume. 
When the tool is operated from a floater-type rig, a bumper sub or slip joint should be inserted in the drillpipe above the SSC valve.

Features and Benefits:
• Saves rig time
• Operates easily
• Tests wireline valves during drilling operation

For temporary abandonment, the drill bit is pulled up into a stabilized hole or casing. An RTTS packer with an SSC valve is then installed on the drillpipe.
The toolstring is then run into the hole until the RTTS packer and SSC valve have sufficient drillpipe weight below the RTTS packer to set the packer elements and a sufficient depth is reached (below the mud line for storm abandonment). The packer is set.
The drillpipe is rotated to the left to release the seal mandrel from the SSC valve. (The weight of the pipe above the SSC must be suported from the surface while rotating.) This procedure closes the SSC valve.
After the valve is closed, the separated drillpipe can be removed from the well, and the wireline valves can be closed for temporary well abandonment.

KINGWELL Subsurface Control Valve technical data:
Subsurface Control Vavle (SSC) Specifications
End Connections Working Pressure*
psi (Mpa)
2 7/8 ED 9,300
3 1/2 IFTJ 6,100
4 1/2 IFTJ 10,000

Storm Vavle( with RTTS packer):

The storm vavle is a combination Back Pressure Vavle and Safety Joint that is run above a JS-3 Storm Packer, in order to provide well control protection during a temporary abandonment of the well, without having to pull the drill pipe. The Storm Vavle allows the pxckers to be set and then permit disconnection and retrieval of the drill pipe and the upper sub of the vavle, while at the same time automatically closing the Storm Vavle, isolating the drill pipe below the Storm Packer.
Can be easily runned by rotating the tubing string which can open and close the vavle.
In emergency situation, the plug can open drill pipe passage.
It is designed to be used with right hand set compression type packers only.

KINGWELL Modal Storm Vavle technical data:
Part NO Casing Gage Ring
Tool max.
Tool min
Threads Box up/pin down
605-103 7 5/8" 054KW-5605-144 6.125 1.750 4 1/2-I.F.
8 5/8" 054KW-5605-145 7.000
9 5/8" 054KW-5605-146 8.000
13 3/8" 054KW-5605-147 11.750
605-104 7" 054KW-5605-143 5.500 1.750 3 1/2-I.F.
7 5/8" 054KW-5605-144 6.125
8 5/8" 054KW-5605-145 7.000
9 5/8" 054KW-5605-146 8.000
13 3/8" 054KW-5605-147 11.750
605-105 5 1/2" NA 3.720 1.000 2 7/8’ EU.

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