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The Champ v Packer is a hookwall-type retrievable packer with concentric bypass. While going in the hole, the bypass is held open until slips are set by the J-slot that controls
the mechanical slips. The bypass is held closed by a balancing piston, which uses work-string pressure to place a downward force on the balancing coupling to 
prevent the bypass from being pumped open. 
Each Assembled tool includes the following components: 
J-slot mechanism 
Mechanical slips 
Packer Element 
Hydraulic slips 
Round, piston-type slips are used in the hydraulic hold-down mechanism to help prevent the tool from being pumped up the hole. The bypass allows all pumped fluids to flow
around the bottom end of the tool. This design prevents the conventional bypass from accidently opening during circulation around the bottom of the packer. In addition, circulation in Champ V Packer is not normally interrupted in the packer elements should seal without operator intent. 

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