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Product Number: KW-PM-01 KINGWELL Shaped Charges & Perforator are manufactured as per API & ISO standard,

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KINGWELL Shaped Charges Features & Benefits:

KINGWELL shaped charges produced by our company is a series products that shall be used to suit for different sized perforating guns. It is suitable for various sized casing perforating. It has the characteristics of deep penetration, big hole, high shot density, low debris, no slug, large bore area, regular channel, less injure, without damaging the casing and cement ring and polluting the case hole and formation.
KINGWELL Shaped Charges Series:
1.  Deep/Super-deep penetration shaped charge series (DP/SDP)

2.  Big hole shaped charge series (BH)

3.  Ultra-high temperature shaped charge

KINGWELL Perforator Features & Benefits:
KINGWELL continues to lead the industry in providing innovative solutions for your well completion challenges. Our goal here is to continually develop new perforating gun systems that will provide a level of confidence to the operator when selecting a completion practice or system. We are confident that our technology will provide the right product for your completion practices.
KINGWELL Perforator Series:
1.   Thru-Tubing Strip Perforator Series
2.   Thru-Tubing Folding Perforator
3.   Horizontal Well Perforator
4.   High Shot Density Perforator Series

KWOM could manufacture 51, 54, 73, 86, 114mm petroleum Perforating gun like Scalloped Gun, Through Tubing Perforator, High Density Deep Penetration Perforator, Directional Clustering Perforator, HTHP Perforator, with the parts like Top and Bottom Subs, Crossover, TTP Strips, Jet Cutter, Firing system, CCL etc. The Shaped charge include Ultra-Deep Penetrating Shaped Charge, TTG Capsule Shaped Charges, Big Hole Shaped Charges, Synergy Shaped Charge, Tubing Casing and Drill pipe Puncher 

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