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Product Number: KW-DE-09 Drill bits include Tricone bits,steel tooth bit,PDC bit,reamer bits,diamond core bits,single cone bit etc.

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KINGWELL Drill Bit Features & Benefits:
KINGWELL is the professional supplier in the global oil & gas drill bit market. KINGWELL offers a comprehensive product line of roller cone and fixed cutter (PDC) drill bits and have evolved and improved through emerging drilling technologies.  
1. KINGWELL Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) bit 
Bit Size: 4 1/2"-- 17 1/2''(114mm--444.5mm)
Blades: 3--9 Blades
Nozzles: according to your requirement
PDC Cutter: 1913,1613,1313 and so on
Rotary speed:60-300 rpm
2. KINGWEILL Roller Cone Bit
Size: from 2 7/8 to 26"
Larger sizes for hole opener bit ,reamer bit

ADC Codes - Tricone Rock Bits
IADC - International Association of Drilling Contractors
IADC Codes make it easier for drillers to describe what kind of rock bit they are looking for to the supplier. Bit Brokers International follows the IADC bit classification system in which the first three digits classify the bit according to the formation it is designed to drill and the bearing/seal design used.
Need to identify an IADC code,  
First Digit:
1, 2, and 3 designate STEEL TOOTH BITS with 1 for soft, 2 for medium and 3 for hard formations.
4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 designate TUNGSTEN CARBIDE INSERT BITS for varying formation hardness with 4 being the softest and 8 the hardest.
Second Digit:
1, 2, 3 and 4 are further breakdown of formation with 1 being the softest and 4 the hardest.
Third Digit:
This digit will classify the bit according to bearing/seal type - see information on different bearing types - and special guage wear protection as follows:
Standard open bearing roller bit
Standard open bearing roller bit, air-cooled
Standard open bearing roller bit with gauge protection which is defined as carbide inserts in the heel of the cone
Sealed roller bearing bit
Sealed roller bearing bit with gauge protection
Journal sealed bearing bit
Journal sealed bearing bit with gauge protection
Fourth Digit:
The following letter codes are used in the fourth digit position to indicate additional features:
A. Air Application
R. Reinforced Welds
C. Center Jet
S. Standard Steel Tooth
D. Deviation Control
X. Chisel Insert
E. Extended Jet
Y. Conical Insert
G. Extra Gage Protection
Z. Other Insert Shape
J. Jet Deflection
Bearing Types:
There are primarily four (4) types of bearing designs used in tricone drilling bits:
Cross Section of a Standard Roller Bearing Cone1.) STANDARD OPEN BEARING ROLLER BIT: On these bits the cones will spin freely. This type of bit has a front row of ball bearings and a back row of roller bearings.
2.) STANDARD OPEN BEARING ROLLER BIT FOR AIR DRILLING: Cones are similar to #1, but have air injection directly to the cones to cool the bearings. Air flows into the cone through the passage ways inside the pin. (Not for mud applications)
3.) SEALED BEARING ROLLERS BITS These bits have an O-Ring seal with a grease reservoir for bearing cooling. The seals acts as a barrier against mud and cuttings to protect the bearings
Cross Section of a Journal Bearing Cone4.) JOURNAL BEARING ROLLER BITS These bits are strictly oil/grease cooled with nose bearings, O-Ring seal and a race for maximum performance.
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