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Product Number: KW-DE-23 Series of products of drilling tools for top drive.

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Top drive Floating Cushion Sub

Top drive floating cushion sub an important tool in drilling operation.It is suit tothe drilling process in oil, gas and geological exploration. Mainly used for top drive drilling operation. It can increase the working life of bearing and gear in top drive rotary box

Mechanical Casing Running Tool(Internal)

Casing running tool is a new technology for running casing. We developed the more safe and effi cient internal casing running tool to break the limitation of normal running casing operation. This technology could develop all the advantages of top drive drilling, make the casing string rotating, lift and circulating the mud simultaneously, insure the casing could be running to the well bottom normally, improve the success rate, safety and effi ciency of casing running observably. It has a wide introduction value to the oil fi eld

Casing Running Tool(External)

Casing running tool has a new technology for running casing. For the limitation of normal running casing operation, we researched and developed this casing running tool which has advantages of safety and high-effi ciency. It clamps on the coupling’s outside by internal teeth of slip. Making the casing string rotating and circulating the drilling fl uid in the same time. It can insure the casings running to the well bottom normally. It improved the success rate, safety and effi ciency in running to the well bottom normally. It improved the success rate, safety and efffi ciency in runing casings operation. It only need four kinds of slip head, eight kinds of slip teeth to running all sizes casings. Our casing running tools are well used in Liaohe and other domestic oilfi eld

IBOP for top Drive(Upper,Lower Safety Valves)
Product Explanation:  
IBOP for Top Drive used for top drive. It includes Upper IBOP for Top Drive and Lower IBOP for Top Drive. They are used for top drive drilling system with joined one by one. It is hydraulically operated and manually operated control valves in top drive circulating system, and special use for drill stem inside blowout emergency. It has a pressure rating of 10,000psi or 15,000psi respectively at the factory. The bore of the valve body and all internal parts are special treated to prevent damage from corrosion and have a long life service.
Top Drive Saver Sub

Top Drive Saver Sub is a kind of sub connected with Lower IBOP and drill pipe, mainly used in the top drive system. Not only acting as crossover sub, but also protecting lower IBOP. Top drive saver sub can be divided into general top drive saver sub and low temperature top drive saver sub

Actuator is a driving tool supporting the use of top drive system, and it consists of actuator and crank. It drives the actuator by the top drive hydraulic system, and the actuator controls open and close of the inner ball valve in Upper IBOPs by rotating of crank mechanism. It is reliable to work and easy to handle

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