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RGS Remote Gauge Stabilizer

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The RGS Remote Gauge Stabilizer tool is an electrohydraulic powered
stabilizer, to regulate down-hole control of inclination through remotely
adjusting stabilizer gauge diameter during drilling activity.
RGS Remote Gauge Stabilizer tool come with surface monitor system, allowing
observation of operation status display and showing the decoded information
on user screen, thus enables accurate manipulation and control by personnel
on surface.

The design that RGS tool can be indexed quickly and simply by cycling
the pumps, precise control of inclination can be achieved.
 The RGS tool applies the advanced electrohydraulic control system
to track tool operation status and transfer the decoded signal on
user’s screen.
 The RGS tool brings integral body design reduces safety issues and
maximizes reliability.
 Both the surface of RGS tool blade and piston support has hard
coating to bring smooth and wear-resistant operation.
 The comprehensive RGS tool size from 5-3/8” to 17-1/2”.

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