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Fullbore DST string

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Fullbore DST 
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1 down hole tester valve annulus operated, capable of holding up to 15000 psi pressure, ability to be hold open
2 shear out circulatin valve 4 bpm in either direction circulation
3 multiple opening circulating valve 4 bpm in either direction, operated by string pressure and its cycling starts after setting the packer
4 tubing pressure testing valve capable of holding up to 15000 psi from both side ( above and down )
5 perforated tailpipe suitable for continues exposure to predicted reservoir fluids and temperatures (350 f ) for up to 30 days
6 crossovers  
7 safety circulating valve operated by annulus pressure which ruptures a shear disc. It shall cut until 7/32" wire line
8 hydraulic jar should be capable of delivering minimum of 50.000 lbs upward jarring force
9 safety joint run in conjunction with the retrievable packer
10 slip joints The number of joints shall be sufficient to allow aminimum 15 ft travel
11 drain valves to drain pressure/fluids
12 retrievable packer mechanical set retrievable packer for use inside 13 3/8 . 9 5/8 and 7 casing or liner packers to be automatic j slot type in design and actived by string weight packers to be 12000 psi differential ressure rated across elements and to incorporate integral by pass facility

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