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Shock Tool is a traditional downhole tool, with wide range application
during fishing, coring, and workover operations. The design enables vibration
absorption in even the harshest conditions, helping to reduce rig floor
maintenance costs.
you will :
 Increase bit life
 Increase penetration rate , by ensuring optimum bit weight and RPM
Minimize hole deviation by dampening transient loads and controlling
net forces at the bit
 Lengthen the life of drill string components by reducing cyclic loading
Lower rig floor maintenance costs by reducing vibration at the surface
Features & Benefits
 Simple and reliable design ensure long-term working
 Aid jar impact with the drill collar mass
 Heavy duty design based on a wide range of operating experience
 Enhanced performance to minimize axial vibrations produced by the
bit during drilling operation

Break out and Make up Unit
Making up & Breaking out Unit for BHA and tubular connections from 2 7/8” up to 12” OD
Max. Torque up to 220,000 f/lbs
Jar Tester
Test of Drilling & Fishing Jars, Drilling Motors sizes ranging from 3 1/8” O.D. up to 9 ½” O.D
Motor Power: 15 KW. 1460 R/min
Max Working Pressure: 25 MPa
Length: 9 meter
Hydraulic Cylinder Stroke: 1 meter
Max Push Force: 150 Tons
Max Pull Force: 130 Tons

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