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 Kingwell Gas Lift Systems 
 Kingwell provide industry-leading technology. Our gas lift products give you the quality and the flexibility you need.
Gas-lift production is through the continuous high pressure gas injection in oil well to complement formation energy and make the liquid within the wellbore lift to the ground. Or within a short period of timr accumulated in the liquid column in the wellbore below into the high pressure gas and the process of lifting the liquid to the ground.
In the whole process of lifting, It has three kinds of flow pattern change: reducing the fluid column gradient, injecting gas expansion, compressing gas displacement fluid column.
Gas-lift production technology is an important part of oil production technology and it is development of many fields widely in the word. The Gas-lift is suitable for all kinds of oil Wells, which can be as a stable process of oilfield development. It can be in stalled in the well completion and also can be used in workover operations after installation.

Kingwell Gas Lift Systems Benefits:
The investment of deep well and the cost of lifting is low.
The most effective high gas / liquid ratio well.
Low lifting cost of sand production well.
Flexible change production conditions, wide adaptability.
Suitable for the slope wells.
Suitable for lifting of large amount of fluid producing Wells.
Gas Lift Systems tools :
Kickover Tools
HXT-series Round Cross Section Side Packet Mandrels
A-series Round Cross Section Side Packet Mandrels
Wireline Retrievable Valve Top Latches
Wirline Retrievable Chemical Injection Valves
Wirline Retrievable Circulating Valves 
Wirline Retrievable Orifice Valves
Wirline Retrievable Dummy Valves
Wireline Retrievable Production-Pressure-Operated Gas Lift Valves
Wireline Retrievable Injection-Pressure-Operated Gas Lift Valves
NZT-series conventional gas lift mandrels
GZT-series Conventional Gas Lift Mandrels 
Conventional Reverse-Flow Check Valves
Conventional Injection-Pressure-Operated Gas Lift Valves
Conventional Production-Pressure-Operated Gas Lift Valves

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